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James Cordon 2-20-20

Image: James Cordon 2-20-20James Cordon 2-20-20
Image: The Talk 2-13-20The Talk 2-13-20
Image: Spirit Day 10-17-19Spirit Day 10-17-19
Image: Extra 9-21-19Extra 9-21-19
Image: Live with Kelly and Ryan 10-23-18Live with Kelly and Ryan 10-23-18
Image: Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda 10-26-18Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda 10-26-18
Image: Rachel Ray 10-30-18Rachel Ray 10-30-18
Image: The Late Show 11-6-18The Late Show 11-6-18
Image: CBS This Morning 10-22-18CBS This Morning 10-22-18
Image: Late Show with Colbert 10-22-18Late Show with Colbert 10-22-18
Image: The Talk 5-15-18The Talk 5-15-18
Image: Cash CabCash Cab
Image: Late Late Show 3-27-17Late Late Show 3-27-17
Image: The Talk 3-28-17The Talk 3-28-17
Image: Extra 1-4-16Extra 1-4-16
Image: Extra 10-11-16Extra 10-11-16
Image: Extra 9-27-16Extra 9-27-16
Image: Yahoo Superfan TVYahoo Superfan TV
Image: CBS News 9-20-16CBS News 9-20-16
Image: CBS Sunday Morning 9-18-16CBS Sunday Morning 9-18-16
Image: WCBS Noon ShowWCBS Noon Show
Image: Late Show with Colbert 9-19-16Late Show with Colbert 9-19-16
Image: WCBS Morning ShowWCBS Morning Show
Image: CBS This Morning 9-20-16CBS This Morning 9-20-16
Image: Extra 5-12-15Extra 5-12-15
Image: ET 8-26-16ET 8-26-16
Image: Late Show with Colbert 6-15-16Late Show with Colbert 6-15-16
Image: The Arsenio Hall ShowThe Arsenio Hall Show
Image: Extra 12-22-14Extra 12-22-14
Image: Extra 7-8-14Extra 7-8-14
Image: Extra 9-9-14Extra 9-9-14
Image: ET 9-1-14ET 9-1-14
Image: ET 9-11-14ET 9-11-14
Image: The Late Show with Craig FergusonThe Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Image: The Talk 2-9-16The Talk 2-9-16
Image: Live with Kelly 9-20-16Live with Kelly 9-20-16
Image: CBS This Morning 9-21-15CBS This Morning 9-21-15
Image: Live with Kelly and MichaelLive with Kelly and Michael
Image: Extra 4-28-15Extra 4-28-15
Image: The TalkThe Talk